Preparing a barbeque party is a great idea for the summer since you get to enjoy fantastic food while also spending quality time with your friends. However, it can be challenging to figure out how to get started with your preparations. We are here to help with some tips and tricks that will make the process simpler and more convenient than ever before. The Warwickshire Catering Company are always happy to help with all of your BBQ needs. Contact us here.

Pick a suitable theme and decorations.

The theme is up to you, but it can be anything from a beach theme to a garden tea party, your favourite movie, the 70s or 80s and so on. You can even go with a tropical or frozen theme. The idea is to spice things up and make your experience more exciting.

Prepare your barbecue

It’s vital to get the right BBQ items. These include sausages, burgers, burger buns and hot dog rolls, chicken thighs and wings, cheese slices, burger garnish, coleslaw, mustard, mayo and ketchup, some corn on the cob, coleslaw, mushrooms, veggie skewers and so on. If you have any vegan/vegetarian guests, you will need some appropriate foods for their own diet, so keep that in mind.

Focus on the pre-BBQ food prep

This is when you want to focus on creating your salads, chopping the meat, peppers, onions, and then glazing/marinating your meat. You also want to pre-cut the burger and hot dog bread. Then you can prepare your skewers for the grill.

Get the right BBQ apparel.

It’s a good idea to wear the right clothes for your grill. Using gloves when you handle meat is very hygienic and the right thing to do. We also recommend not wearing clothes with long sleeves, as that can be a fire hazard.

Think about the BBQ supplies

Make sure that you have the right cooking equipment. This will vary based on your food choices, but it makes a lot of sense to buy a BBQ toolkit from the store. We also recommend you keep your food in cold bags or a small fridge. This way, you can keep it ready to go, and you will be able to cook it faster. On top of that, you also want to have the best cleaning materials at your disposal, like drying towels, sponges, some washing up liquid, antibacterial wipes and anything like that.

Pick suitable activities.

Every BBQ needs some activities. These can be anything from some board games to social games, hide and seek, quiz games and so on. It’s up to you to pick something that everyone will enjoy and can have fun with.


At the end of the day, preparing your BBQ correctly can take a bit of a trial and error. Thankfully, these tips and tricks will certainly make the process simpler and easier for you. Give these ideas a shot, and don’t hesitate to adjust everything based on your requirements. Also, remember to have fun and take your time to cook everything properly. This is a great activity for everyone involved, so make the most out of it!