Nothing brings people together better than food. An affordable, enjoyable, and social way to bring people together, share experiences and create memories. With many people taking more interest and responsibility for what they consume and how their food is made, it’s an exciting time to be in the hospitality and food industry.


Why is ethical and sustainable food important? 


  • Sustaining artisan producers, farmers and traditional makers.
  • Reducing damage to natural resources.
  • Creating an increase in food quality and health benefits.


It’s great to see so many people embracing ethical eating, shopping local and investing in their local producer economy. Be it ethical, environmental, or economic reasons, shopping ethically, no matter how seemingly small your contribution, means the world to small businesses, smallholders and foodie sellers right across the food industries food chain.


We see bustle in markets, booked out pubs, and a new generation of sourdough makers and proactive, preserve makers driving change in the food industry that supermarket shoppers have been calling for years. Shopping small and sustainable allows for more straightforward transparency of your product, where it’s from, and in what conditions it was made.


As veganism, meat-free Mondays and vegetarianism continue to rise here in the UK, alternative options to eating, buying and making are generating cool concepts. We’ve never had the experiences and social dynamics surrounding food before, opening up a broader conversation around environmental responsibility, packaging, and the produce we’ve taken for granted for far too long.


No action is ever too small to make a difference, and that applies to your food too. Switching from large eggs to medium will make a world of difference to the hen’s health; buying the eggs from a small local hold will contribute to the local economy and give the producer a sense of pride that a price tag couldn’t provide. As we said, it’s an exciting time to be in food.

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What We’re Doing here at the Warwickshire Catering Company 


Catering in Warwickshire and feeding the Midlands area allows us to maximise our local producers, reduce travel time, and keep food fresh and as flavourful as possible.


We continually source local produce wherever possible. Harnessing local taste profiles, seasonal ingredients and embracing fellow artisans, passionate about their food, produce and beverages. It’s important to us at Warwickshire Catering Co to reduce waste and not waste our precious food resources. We’re responsible tastemakers, where our care goes beyond our people and plates to the starting point of plants and produce. Whether it’s a wedding menu, conference banquet or a celebratory BBQ, we’ll collaborate with fellow foodies who are also passionate about food sustainability and share our common sustainable and ethical food values.


Book Our Culinary Creatives for Your Next Event 


Here at the Warwickshire catering company, we create bespoke menus for all types of celebrations and events. We are making fantastic food that’s ethical and sustainably conscious without sacrificing elegance or zest. Consider us as your local, sustainable, Warwickshire caterers.

Contact us for a chat and a no-obligation quote, and we promise we won’t bite!

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