Wedding Catering

Most people probably think that a wedding breakfast means the meal taken by the newlywed and their entourage the morning after tying the knot. While this may not be far from the truth, there is a deeper and more traditional explanation why this meal was given such a name.

It is believed that a wedding is held only after the church service of a mass in bygone days. Before the wedding party is to attend the mass, the entourage is required to fast. After the ceremony, the bride and groom will eat their very first meal as husband and wife and break the fast. Whether the reception is served at lunch or dinner, it is still called a “wedding breakfast” because of traditions.

Another theory believed to be the reason behind such a name is that there was no known meal taken at midday, which is lunch to us nowadays, several centuries ago. This means that the meal eaten any time from morning till midday is still considered breakfast.

Nowadays, couples who want to stick to traditions want to hold a wedding breakfast for their guests. It is best to hire a wedding catering company that has enough experience serving wedding breakfast menus.

Wedding breakfast tips

1. The wedding caterers should reflect the style or theme of the celebration.
2. You can go for a more formal sit-down three-course meal or a more relaxed and informal setting.
3. Traditional white tablecloths are for a formal meal. Accentuate tables with place settings that match the couple’s wedding theme.
4. For a more chilled vibe for your wedding breakfast, hire the best catering UK that knows which food to serve for an informal feast.

The Warwickshire Catering Company knows just what to serve guests: a traditional-style or a contemporary and relaxed meal. Check out our wedding section or canapes for more information or just contact us here.