3 Fun and Easy-to-Do Winter Party Ideas to Try This Year

As Warwickshire County is nearing the end of winter and lockdown, people are starting to leave their homes to spend time with family and friends. And what better way to celebrate the end of the cold season than through a winter party.

Here are exciting winter party ideas you can organise this year.

1. A magical night
The frozen landscapes are going to be the perfect backdrop for this festive winter party idea. It’s an excellent theme to use because, after all, magic is loved by kids and adults alike. You can hire magicians to emphasise the feel of the enchanted affair. Don’t forget to inform the Warwickshire catering company of your theme so they can suggest a more fitting menu.

2. Going down memory lane with a disco/retro theme
Dancing to disco tunes will definitely chase the winter blues away. All you need is to rent a space big enough to accommodate all your guests. Hire a DJ that specialises in disco/retro so everyone will have a blast. You’ll also need the appropriate decorations, including disco balls, psychedelic fabrics, and the like. Also, make sure you tell the Warwickshire catering company about your theme.

3. All fun and adventure with an indoor ski party
Look for an indoor ski slope to rent for your party. Children and adults alike will have lots of fun trying their hand at skiing, sledging, snowboarding, and other winter activities. After all the heart-pounding activities that your guests have engaged in, the Warwickshire Catering Company will have prepared a feast for them, including canapés and desserts, like steak tartare, swordfish ceviche, and poached pear with blue cheese. Check out our canapes here

These party ideas will definitely give you and your guests lots and lots of fun and laughter. Be sure to choose, The Warwickshire Catering Company, the best Warwickshire County caterers, because we believe that no party is complete without a gorgeous, mouth-watering feast for you and your guests to devour.